As written by American Pointing Labrador Association President

by Vic Rompa

Well it certainly has been an exciting first year for me as the President of the APLA.  My focus for 2014 was centered on 4 fundamentals:

  •  Fiscal Prudence
  •  Increase Participation/Membership
  •  Hunt Test Operations
  •  Expand the Judging Pool

These were not goals but strategic objectives that I felt we needed as an organization.

As we begin 2015 I thought it important to take the opportunity to share with you our performance against last year’s objectives.  Read more>


The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) continues to be on the cutting-edge of canine health research with the funding of Dr. Ben Hart’s landmark study which evaluates the health implications of early spay and neuter in dogs.

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Fishing Out Grandpa

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What’s Trending For the Upland Hunter in 2015

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Training the Pointing Labrador: Tips

By Julie Knutson, GunClub Labradors Training the Pointing Labrador Book “So what do you do when your dog breaks?” “Get him a new handler.” I’m not sure how many times I’ve been asked that question; it seems to be a fairly prevalent issue. It goes hand in hand with: •...

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Help your bird dog: Get to the point … the right way

By Scott Linden, Author Here’s a lesson I’m learning almost weekly this time of year. Maybe you, too. You trudge up the hill to find your dog on point. He’s steady. Birds cooperative. Until you take over, that is. Once he’s pinned a bird, I try to help Buddy do a...

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