As written by American Pointing Labrador Association President

by Vic Rompa

Well it certainly has been an exciting first year for me as the President of the APLA.  My focus for 2014 was centered on 4 fundamentals:

  •  Fiscal Prudence
  •  Increase Participation/Membership
  •  Hunt Test Operations
  •  Expand the Judging Pool

These were not goals but strategic objectives that I felt we needed as an organization.

As we begin 2015 I thought it important to take the opportunity to share with you our performance against last year’s objectives.  Read more>


The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) continues to be on the cutting-edge of canine health research with the funding of Dr. Ben Hart’s landmark study which evaluates the health implications of early spay and neuter in dogs.

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Who is the RMPLC?

To say that we are absolutely crazy about Pointing Labs in the Rocky Mountains would most certainly be an understatement.  We are proud of our club, the Rocky Mountain Pointing Labrador Club (RMPLC), and were honored to have the opportunity to share a bit about who we...

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Flash-Bang Blunder

Explosives and idiots are a dangerous mix.  By Jeff Fryhover I HEARD ELEANOR Roosevelt once said Marines have the cleanest bodies, dirtiest minds, highest morale, and lowest morals of any animal she had encountered. If she ever spent any time duck hunting with a...

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Dangers Afield

The sound of crinkling leaves underfoot signals the start of upland bird hunting and fall field trials, a favorite time of year for many sporting dog enthusiasts. Lurking in the grouse woods or along the edges of a prairie where bobwhite quail can be found are unseen...

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Final Cut – You Lose Sight of the Big Picture

By Two Silly Hounds Driving slowly along the gravel road looking in awe at the beauty of the foothills of the Continental Divide, I'm reminded of how fortunate a life I live.  My dogs and I are heading up to visit with trainers and attend a Rocky Mountain Pointing Lab...

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Stabilizing The Stabilizer

By Barbara Fawver When an 8 ½-year old black male Labrador Retriever named "Weezer" hobbled into Dr. Jeffrey J. Schuett's veterinary clinic in Pewaukee, Wis., it was a classic case of a tom cruciate ligament injury During training, the Labrador yelped in pain while...

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The Devil Dog Strikes Again

By Jeff Fryhover A good morning on the lake turns into a long day at the vet. "IF YOU AIN'T early, you're late!" That's what I always say when it comes to duck hunting. This was just another typical duck day...me at the Quick Stop waiting on my buddy Joe. It seems...

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10 Traits of a Good Bird Dog Trainer

Editor’s Note: With new pups on the way, this list is a good reminder for bird dog owners. The list is from Purina’s Sporting Dog Summit publication. I attended the summit last summer at Purina’s wonderful St. Louis, Missouri, headquarters where year-round activities...

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Sunday Bloody Sunday

By Jeff Fryhover   Another perilous morning in the marsh with Emmett and Dusty   I SAT FUMING in the front seat of my buddy Joe's Ford. I was soaking wet, both hands were bleeding, and all I wanted was to get home. Why did I let Joe convince me to hunt with his idiot...

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Training the Pointing Labrador: Tips

By Julie Knutson, GunClub Labradors Training the Pointing Labrador Book "Dog Care in the Hands of Professionals" I’ve been very fortunate in terms of having grown up in the presence of some very special animal people. Special not just in their ability to train and...

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A Preventable Inherited Disease

By Casey Carl Retinal Dysplasia/Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1 (RD/OSD1): A Preventable Inherited Disease of the Labrador Retriever Thanks to our loyal and dedicated clients, Paw Print Genetics continues to increase test offerings in 2015! To start our year off right, we...

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